Thursday, September 30, 2004

Voter Fraud Update

This list is depressingly long.

Hugh Hewitt has it right: If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat.

Shakin' on the Left Coast

Significant earthquake activity as well as interesting volcanic rumblings from both Mount St. Helens and Mt. Ranier.

Always fun when the lights are swinging at work.

Fortunately, Tahoe is more stable. . . .


Mount St. Helens WebCam!.

(Hat Tip: InstaPundit.)

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Iran Update -- November Israel Visit?

Israel is telegraphing Tehran loudly and clearly.

In an interview in an Israeli newspaper this week, Giora Eiland, Israel's national security adviser, made a startling statement: November will be the "point of no return" for taking out the Iranian nuclear program. . . .

Still, the ayatollahs are about to go atomic - and somebody has to stop them. That will be a dangerous and thankless job. Increasingly, it looks as if it will be outsourced to Israel.

The Bush administration already has supplied the tool kit, including the F-16I, the first Israeli war plane capable of striking Iran without in-flight refueling. The U.S. also has supplied ordnance capable of piercing massive fortifications.

(Hat Tip: Pick & Choose.)

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Iran Update

Indeed scary stuff.

US and European sources involved in tracking the Iranian nuclear program have made clear in recent weeks that Iran is between four and six months away from nuclear "break-out" capacity. This means that in the next four to six months Iran will have the nuclear fuel cycle complete, and will be able to independently construct nuclear bombs whenever it wishes. More conservative estimates have spoken of 12-24 months.

Put this on a missile tip and all bets are off.

W is being dazzlingly (and appropriately) ambiguous to a point.

"All options are on the table, of course, in any situation," Bush said. "But diplomacy is the first option."

Kerry is simply propounding lunacy: Offer Iran nuclear fuel.

John Kerry's proposal would call their bluff by organizing a group of states to offer Iran the nuclear fuel they need for peaceful purposes and take back the spent fuel so they cannot divert it to build a weapon.

(Hat Tips: Pick & Choose, and LGF.)


Well, still dazzling, but not ambiguous.

"We've made it clear: Our position is that they won't have a nuclear weapon," Bush said.

Any questions?

Vote Fraud?

Although Jimmy also suffers from selective indignation, I'm more interested in how all the "get out the vote" efforts will effect the integrity of our votes.

Ohio is just one example.

You may have heard this a dozen times by now, but In California, more photo identification is required to rent a video than choose a President.

That's whacked.


Michelle Malkin has a good wrap as well.

Would You Shake Their Hand?

Dan Rather won't be showing this any day soon.

Too bad, these videos aren't fake.

Such shameless hatred is heartbreaking.

(Hat Tip: AllahPundit.)

Democrats' Draft

The Left is losing, and CBS is simply: A Joke.

There can be no other explanation for this.

If you haven't already, let any young'ens you know that the reinstitution of the draft scheme is an idea of Democrats, not Republicans.

Selective Righteous Anger

Why I have problems with "mainline" churches.

Eugene Volokh (UCLA law professor) has an interesting take on selective indignation.

My question as it relates to the Conclusion below is simple: Why are "mainline" churches making these decisions. Are they really suggesting (and are we really to believe) that human rights are worse in Tel Aviv than Damascus?

The mainline churches are not adequately addressing the wide range of human rights abuses taking place in the world. Denominations are focusing on the United States and Israel as the primary perpetrators of human rights violations. Great attention to the United States may be expected from churches that find their homes there. But the dramatic focus on Israel as opposed to many more repressive regimes, including other U.S. allies known for human rights abuses (such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt), must be challenged.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the churches made the mistake of supporting oppressive Soviet-sponsored liberation movements around the world. They largely ignored human rights abuses in the Soviet Union and its satellite states, instead focusing on U.S. policy as the primary source of abuse. It appears that mainline denominations may be making the same mistake today with the Arab and Muslim worlds, ignoring many of the most serious abuses while apparently laying heavy blame upon the United States and Israel not only for their own lesser abuses, but also for the abuses of others. . . .

Decision Down Under

An important Australian election on October 9.

Even in the most divisive of all the election debates, freedom is the issue. The Liberals say our troops will stay in Iraq until their job is done. Labor will pull them out by Christmas, just one month before the country's first free elections -- elections the terrorists want to drown in blood.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

War Updates (USA and Iran)

Back to reality.

Yes, we are at War, and Yes, Evil people want to do great harm to us and our allies.

I think many Americans are concerned about a Madrid replay here in the States.

Where would it be? The heartland -- Bush Country? How and When will it occur -- a spectacular attack on our infrastructure the Sunday before our election November 2?

Two powerful paragraphs from Michael Novak relay sobering insights from Spain's former Prime Minister:

Former Prime Minister of Spain, Jose Maria Aznar, spoke at breakfast Friday morning at AEI and predicted three spectacular terrorist events in the near future. First, a major destructive action in the United States before election day on November 2, possibly during the last 72 hours, for massive effect in causing confusion and commotion. Second, a dramatic escalation of action in Iraq leading up to November 2, and again in late December and early January to head off the Iraqi election at the end of January. Third, a spectacular attack in the United Kingdom next May to disrupt the re-election campaign of PM Tony Blair.

(I'm not convinced there will not be yet a fourth -- another attempt to bring down a stalwart US ally, Australian Prime Minister John Howard -- although the Evil Ones have already tried to destablize Australian voters' thinking back on September 9, precisely one month before the October 9 election date.)

I do not subscribe to the "last 72 hours" theory. America is not Spain (or France or Germany for that matter).

An attack in the "last 72 hours" would ensure victory for W in my thinking (and a landslide at that). Americans tend to rally, not run, and Kerry simply wouldn't have time to respond in any manner Americans would swallow.

On the other hand, an attack in the first week of October, along with Kerry's continued shameless attempts to do anything to win might provide a more complicated dynamic. He could play on the theme that Bush has made the world less safe with his "diversion" into Iraq, and now the terrorists are bringing the War to our shores just as W said they would not since we have been fighting them (self-evidently ineffectively Kerry would argue) in the streets of Baghdad and Fallujah.

Of course, then again, W could release the full force and fury of US might against IslamoFascist cesspools in the Middle East with surgically (given the shortness of time and Iraq-focused resources) aggressive application.

This leads to the Big Question: Would Iran remain unscathed in any US response to any attack on America?

It should not:

Iran said today it has successfully test-fired a long-range "strategic missile" and delivered it to its armed forces, saying it is now prepared to deal with any regional threats and even the "big powers." . . .

[Iranian military maneuvers are] seen as a signal to Washington [that] Tehran is prepared to fight back against any attempts to prevent the development of a nuclear reactor that could be used to make weapons-grade plutonium. . . .

Iran may be only weeks or months away from activating the reactor.

Fortunately we are sending signals that Israel will be "empowered" [how's that for a politically correct term? -- Ed.] to protect herself.

After all, the US State Department has stated in understandable language:

"The rush to convert 37 tons of yellowcake into feed-stock for centrifuge enrichment has no peaceful justification. ... Thirty-seven tons of yellowcake is not a test. It is a production run."

Saturday, September 25, 2004

APK (Associated Press for Kerry)

Bush Twists Kerry's Words on Iraq.

Now, after a beautiful night drive (what a moon!) to Tahoe last evening, I read this top headline under my "Political News from AP" SBC/Yahoo! home page.

Obviously the meaning of the word "News" has changed over at the AP.

They no longer even pretend to differentiate commentary from news. AP is probably the most egregious "news" service, although al-Reuters (Charles Johnson's favorite Reuters moniker) keeps the race close.

Some "news" samples for your enjoyment:

Bush attacked Kerry for calling "our alliance 'the alliance of the coerced and the bribed.'"

Only to say two paragraphs later:

Kerry did use the phrase to describe the U.S.-led coalition of nations in Iraq, in a March 2003 speech in California.

(Dizzy yet?)

But wait! Says the Associated Press for Kerry (APK) in the finest tradition of objective reporting of facts:

But Bush mischaracterized Kerry's criticism, which has not been aimed at the countries that have contributed a relatively small number of troops and resources, but at the administration for not gaining more participation from other nations.

As a member of the Great Unwashed, I'm so thankful for the APK for tutoring me on the nuances of Kerry's goals of minimizing the contributions of those who have died to fight the enemy in Iraq, not Peoria.

So, which is it?

Bush twisting Kerry's words, or the AP telling us Black is White, War is Peace, etc.

George Orwell, call your office.


Looks like the APK has been getting some heat from those calling them on their shameless bias.

Same link now takes the reader to an article with title: "Bush, Kerry Twisting Each Other's Words".

Of course, you have to read to Paragraph 15 of 20 to read:

That's not to say Kerry hasn't been playing fast and loose with Bush's words.

Then APK (writer Jennifer Loven) proceeds to list one example.

Looks as though she is earning two paychecks, one from the AP(K) and another from the Kerry campaign.

Only after heat does she add less than a handful of paragraphs to exhibit her "objectivity."

The Media Elite clearly think we silly wee folk are, well, stupid.


PowerLine has the goods on Jennifer Loven author of the "news" article discussed above.

What a nice couple. Ballentine is an open, above-ground supporter of the Kerry campaign; [wife] Loven promotes Kerry covertly by smearing President Bush on behalf of the Associated Press. And thousands of newspapers print AP articles on the naive assumption that they are factual and objective.

Complaints about AP articles should be sent to I'll be disappointed if our readers don't generate at least 10,000 emails on Loven's hit piece.

Democrat Media

If you have never read a Mark Steyn column, his most recent is delicious.

If anyone still has any doubt [how can they? --Ed.] that the LameStream Media is doing Kerry's heavy lifting, check this out:

One question from [Kerry's] accompanying press corps was especially choice:

''[Iraqi] Prime Minister Allawi told Congress today that democracy was taking hold in Iraq and that the terrorists there were on the defensive. Is he living in the same fantasyland as the president?''

It would be nice to think this was a somewhat crude attempt at irony, but given America's Ratherized media this seems unlikely. Just for the record, Allawi is not living in a fantasyland. He's living in Iraq, and he begins his day with a dangerous commute across Baghdad's ''Green Zone.'' John Kerry's regular commute, by contrast, is from his wife's beach compound at Nantucket to his wife's 15th century English barn reconstructed as a ski lodge in Idaho. Nonetheless, he's the expert on Iraq and the guy living there 24/7 is the fantasist, and he's happy to assure us the prime minister doesn't know what he's talking about. It's all going to hell, forget about those January elections, etc.

What a small, graceless man Kerry is. . . .

It will be the breath of freshest air if W can win this election after our LameStream Media have been ignoring historic events and their leaders with such sophmorically biased questions such as:

But Iraq's the No. 1 issue in American right now, and [the LameStream Media have] got the go-to guy right in front of them, and what do the blow-dried poseurs of the networks ask:

''Mr. President, John Kerry is accusing you of colossal failures of judgment in Iraq . . .''

NBC guy: ''A central theme of your campaign is that America is safer because of the invasion of Iraq. Can you understand why Americans may not believe you?''

CNN: ''Sir, I'd like you to answer Senator Kerry and other critics who accuse you of hypocrisy or opportunism . . .''

They're six feet from Iraq's head of government and they've got not a question for him. They've got no interest in Iraq except insofar as they can use the issue to depress sufficient numbers of swing voters in Florida and Ohio.

Steyn's summary:

This new crowd -- Democrats and media alike -- are stunted and parochial, their horizons shriveling more every day.

It is obvious why the Democrat LameStream Media did not ask Allawi any questions.

Allawi understands the challenges, risks and stakes and they didn't want to hear his confident, yet realistic, views and feel [somewhat? --Ed.] obligated to report them:

For the first time in our history, the Iraqi people can look forward to controlling our own destiny.

This would not have been possible without the help and sacrifices of this country and its coalition partners. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

And let me tell you that as we meet our greatest challenge by building a democratic future, we the people of the new Iraq will remember those who have stood by us.

As generous as you have been, we will stand with you, too. As stalwart as you have been, we will stand with you, too.

Neither tyranny nor terrorism has a place in our region or our world. And that is why we Iraqis will stand by you, America, in a war larger than either of our nations, the global battle to live in freedom.

God bless you and thank you.

Humorous and Tasteful Ridicule

Doesn't get much better than this (hat tip LGF).

Former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani told President Bush this week that he is sorry.

"I owe you an apology," Mr. Giuliani began. "I made a mistake during my [Republican National Convention] speech ... I said that with 64 days to go, John Kerry could change his mind five or six times about what to do in Iraq. Well, he's already changed his mind four or five times and I'm going to be proven wrong again because I think we're looking more like eight or nine times."


OK, so it's silly to use such a phrase regarding former President (thanks Ohio) Jimmy Carter.

Hat Tip to Crush Kerry for this whopper.

[Carter] said his two favorite movies are “Casablanca” and “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

A man of feigned taste.

Safwan Visit Seared into Kerry's "Mind"

Kerry is everywhere always, right?.

The man is shameless [at least he didn't claim it was Christmas! -- Ed.].

Perhaps Kerry can learn to surf the Net before spinning such fantasies [surely Al Gore would help him with the Internet? -- Ed.].

Dead Daley Voting near Cleveland

Imagine a world where Republicans engaged in mass voter fraud to increase numbers for W.

Would the LameStream Media protect us from the Evil GOP? Would this be a major scandal that would run Ed Gillespie and the rest of the RNC out of town on a rail?

So, why isn't Dan Rather flying to Florida and digging into [s]ome 46,000 New Yorkers [who] are registered to vote in both the city and Florida [because the wind and rain might muss his hair? -- Ed.]?

He then would need to catch a flight to Cleveland.

"We've seen voter fraud before, but never on this level," [Lake County Prosecutor Charles] Coulson said Thursday. "I grew up in Chicago and this looks like the politics of Mayor Daley in the '50s and '60s."

After all, only Republicans would seek to subvert democracy, right?

Lake election and law enforcement officials said their investigation is centered on absentee registration attempts by the nonpartisan NAACP's National Voter Fund and an anti-Bush, nonprofit group called Americans Coming Together, or ACT Ohio.

Gotta love the quaint phrase "nonpartisan NAACP."

Friday, September 24, 2004

Bush Volunteered for Vietnam

From the folks who broke Dan Rather's back, PowerLine notes Retired Colonel Ed Morrisey's contention that W volunteered for Vietnam.

Money Quote:

The facts continue to pile up, and they paint an attractive figure of a dedicated, patriotic pilot. Does this mean that the mainstream media will stop reporting as a fact that President Bush became a Guard pilot through favoritism, joined the Guard to dodge Vietnam, and failed to fulfill his Guard requirements? No. They will continue to report those things, never citing any evidence, because they care nothing about the truth, and everything about electing John Kerry. Rest assured, they know better. Because they read Power Line. But they won't correct their false stories until they absolutely have to.

Let's spread the word so the LameStream Media becomes even more irrelevant.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Til Death Do Us Part

Terri Schiavo will once again have her fate determined not by those who love her, but by those who want her no longer to be a nuisance.

This is such a depressing story, and even more so when reading the AP spin.

We don't read "On the other side of the issue" until paragraph 23 of 25.

More objective information can be found at the Terri Schindler-Shiavo Foundation site.

Nat Hentoff's piece will send chills down your spine.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Cat Stevens Islam

Charles is on the job as usual.

The lazy AP says this (and you can hear them laughing at the Bush Administration as they type):

Officials had no details about why the peace activist might be considered a risk to the United States.

Why would a "peace" activist give thousands of dollars to Hamas?

Why do I have to "go" to Scotland to read this?

[I]n July 2000, Stevens was denied entry to Israel amid reports that he had donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Islamic terrorist group, Hamas.

In a statement released by his record label Universal Music at the time, he said: “I want to make sure that people are aware that I’ve never ever knowingly supported any terrorist groups – past, present or future.”

Whether he did or not, shouldn't we at least know that Israel prevented his entry, and Why?


Yusuf "Cat 'Peace Train' Stevens" Islam is "alleged he gave thousands to the militant Palestinian group Hamas, and to the son of blind cleric Omar Abdel Rachman who was believed to have masterminded the 1993 World Trade Center bombing."

As Charles points out:

ABC News says Rachman was “believed” to have masterminded the 1993 WTC bombing—but, of course, he was convicted of it.

Charles also has more biased reporting [Ed. I'm Shocked!] from the "Legacy Media."


More -- third paragraph is the must read paragraph.

BUT, if in fact the government has good cause to believe that Islam (the former singer, not the religion) has contributed money to Hamas and to blind sheik [Paragraphs 10 and 11 - Ed.] Omar Abdel-Rahman (who was convicted for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing), then he is in fact a "terror threat" because terror is not possible without funding, and those who fund and thereby enable terror are just as guilty as those who carry out the actual acts.

Politics of Fear

If you know of anyone in college receiving emails, you might want to pass this along to them.

[T]he implication is that Bush wants to draft college students to fight in Iraq. . . .

What the e-mail doesn't mention is that the bill in the e-mail HR 163 was introduced by prominent Democrats like Charlie Rangel, Jim McDermott, John Conyers, and John Lewis.

Americans are too Stupid to Notice?

This is priceless.

Recovered memory

On Monday, Joe Lockhart could not recall whether he discussed the forged documents with Bill Burkett: "Lockhart said he does not recall talking to Burkett about Bush's Guard records."

On Tuesday, Joe Lockhart suddenly recalled, with specificity, that he had not discussed the forged documents with Bill Burkett: "Lockhart said he discussed neither the National Guard nor the documents with Burkett."

On Wednesday ... we'll see.

The first link is dated since AP has updated the story to leave the reader the impression that Lockhart didn't play dumb on Monday -- unless you read down to Paragraph 13:

Lockhart said he was sure he had not talked to Burkett about the Guard documents.

Isn't this a significant difference not to note in Paragraph First or Second?

Wouldn't this be a story in and of itself?

Another fun frolic through RatherGate here as well as other more sobering topics.

Washington Times political writer/columnist Bill Gertz, who has very good sources, reports that "Al Qaeda seen planning for 'spectacular' attack." There is reason to worry.

Again, a delightful Blog.

PowerLine for the Prosecution

Blogs written by attorneys are great.


Because they ask questions so piercingly and simply direct.

Read PowerLine this morning.

You'll be glad you did.


Joe Lockhart looks nervous.

He should.

This is only gonna get better -- hands in cookie jar indeed. . . .

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Who Will Deal with Iran?

A delightful new Blog which says much in few words.

Iran will explicitly agree not to produce nuclear weapons--and it has done so repeatedly--but it will produce them nonetheless unless the US and Israel step in, violently.

Scraps of paper indeed.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Micro-Charities and Autism

A dream that was not crushed by the terrorists on 9/11.

Tracy was among the thousands of loved ones who had the bittersweet experience of receiving a phone call from WTC that September morning, as Brent called to let her know all was well in his tower. This was to change, however, when the second plane hit.

Tracy finally reached Brent on the 87th floor of the South Tower, where he had reached a locked door. Brent--6-foot-5, handsome, a college athlete at Berkeley and former minor league pitcher for the Cubs--assured his wife of 31 that everything would be all right.

And like so many people that bright clear day, that call was the last time Tracy heard her husband's voice. . . .

Not long before 9/11, Tracy and Brent had started talking about launching a foundation that would provide free care-giving education to families of children with autism. For the less familiar, autism is a neurological disorder that appears during the first three years of life. Estimates are that it occurs in approximately 2 to 6 in 1,000 individuals, and typical characteristics include problems with social relationships and emotional communication. . . .

Here is the Mission statement of the Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children.

Here is more information on Strengthen The Good, a blogger micro-charity "Using the power of weblogs for open-source charity. Don't just fight evil: Strengthen the good."

RatherGate and the Election

Are the forgeries impacting voters?

This letter to Andrew Sullivan is anecdotal:

I must say that this unspeakably disgusting behavior by CBS has now made my decision easy. I always thought the clear liberal bias at CBS (and others) was just a natural consequence of the way the liberal journalists dominating MSM see the world rather than a concerted effort to push a liberal agenda (the fish don’t feel the water theory, as others have put it). I now see how wrong I was. If CBS is willing to not only shred even the pretense of journalistic ethics, but to actually conspire to commit fraud (as I think the evidence of ignoring experts and standing behind such obvious forgeries shows) in a desperate attempt to throw a presidential election and install their candidate, then I must do everything I can to oppose them. This means becoming an active supporter of President Bush. I would never have imagined that would happen, but all I can say is thanks, CBS, for exposing yourself and clearing things up.

These reports are not anecdotal (Hat Tip: NRO Kerry Spot):

New Jersey:

Today: Bush 49, Kerry 45.
August 23: Kerry 49, Bush 39.


Today: Kerry 49, Bush 45 (statistical dead heat).
June 7: Kerry 52, Bush 39.

Probably too early to suggest there is a causal relationship to RatherGate, but interesting that two historical Democrat strongholds are now in play.

Or, is it simply Kerry is not exciting the Democrat base and they see him as a loser?

Who is CBS Protecting?

As of this writing Drudge and now The Washington Post report that the documents were faxed from a Kinkos in Abilene, Texas.

There is only one Kinko's in Abilene, and it is 21 miles from the Baird, Tex., home of retired Texas National Guard officer Bill Burkett, who has been named by several news outlets as a possible source for the documents.

Who is Bill Burkett?

As Kevin Drum explains in an exhaustively researched post, Burkett has a major axe to grind - he blames Bush for the military denying him medical care during an illness in 1998.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Syrian WMD Laboratory

As much as I'm enjoying RatherGate, this is scary stuff from the real world.

Could these weapons be Iraq's stores that the world knew Saddam had, but could not and cannot find?

BERLIN : Syria tested chemical weapons on civilians in Sudan's troubled western Darfur region in June and killed dozens of people.

The German daily Die Welt newspaper, in an advance release of its Wednesday edition, citing unnamed western security sources, said that injuries apparently caused by chemical arms were found on the bodies of the victims.

What concerns me most is that Syria has learned a great deal about how to use such weapons.

I'm not comfortable thinking al Qaeda and others may also learn from (have they already done so?) this "experiment" in slaughter and someday use it against the Infidel.

We are at War.

A War we must win.

Rather's $3 Bills

Parodies of Rather's Prides and Prejudices (with apologies to Jane) are flowing liberally.

This will make you smile.

Fun excerpt:

According to CBS, its sources in the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing had confirmed that the government had the capability of producing $3 bills in 1973. Rather said that "Treasury officials acknowledge that the government was able to print a '3' just as easily as it could print a '1', '2', or a '5.'"

Independent experts consulted by the Amalgamated Press appear to share this view. A leading practitioner of numerology said that "the number '3', like the other Arabic numerals, has been around a long time." According to the numerologist, who requested anonymity, the number '3' dates back to at least the 6th century AD, and perhaps earlier. "There's no question the United States government was aware of the number before 1973 and easily could have put it on legal tender," she said.

The CBS program also pointed out that several of the documents found in Bush's official National Guard files used the number '3'. The number appears, for example, in the date "1973," the year some of the documents were created.

"These documents demonstrate conclusively that the number '3' was available for use by the government in the early 70s," said CBS's Rather, who reported both the Friday segment and the earlier "60 Minutes II" piece.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Floundering Fonts

Why can't CBS find real experts like these?

Wonderful detail on the font fighting front (as Charles points out, CBS can't even get the name of the font correct -- simply laughable).

Dan Rather is checking out the superscript in his severance package print right now.

One Legged Races for Terrorists

While the US was recognizing the loss of thousands killed by terrorists three years ago this past Saturday, some friendly Swedes were frolicking with Palestinians in "peace games":

The participants will participate in the Peace Race and during the whole day there will be food, music and cultural activities. The progressive sports club Proletären FF organizes the peace race and the theme for the race is anti-imperialism and solidarity. For many years the race had its focus on boycotting South Africa. Now solidarity with Palestine and boycott Israel has been the theme for many, many years.

Brought to you by your freedom-loving sponsors:

The Sports Club Proletären FF has a very long experience of sports boycott. From the struggle against South Africa, Chile and Israel. . . . The clubs slogan is sports for everyone, international solidarity and anti-imperialism.

Hat Tip to Roger Simon for pointing out this "Dance of Death."

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Check This Cartoon Out

Says it all.

Object of Ridicule

You know it's Game Over when you become the object of some rather creative satire.

My favorite is here.

Here is a close second which makes the not so subtle point that the content is also unbelievable (just ask Killian's family and his former commanding officer -- sorry, registration required, but needless to say, if The New York Times is digging into the contradictions, Dan Rather ought to be looking into his golden parachute small print).

Here is a great roundup of ridicule.

Friday, September 10, 2004

CBS on the Mat

Simply Delicious.

Now, the producer says, there is growing concern inside the building on 57th Street that they may have been suckered by the Kerry campaign.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Dawn of a New Media Age


Charles also has some great work here, here and here.

PowerLine Blog Scores!

PowerLine Blog has simply done outstanding work outing CBS bias and catching them apparently red-handed.

This is great American Political Theater.

Isn't the Internet Great?!

Thanks for inventing it Al Gore!

(Even the Kerry campaign thinks the documents are forgeries.)

CBS Laughing Stock

Great line over at

What's the difference between CBS and a 527?

Answer: The 527 is registered with the IRS.

Lying New York Times

Great piece by Tom Maguire exposing more blatant and complicit laziness, and well, lies, by The New York Times (Hat Tip: InstaPundit -- and don't forget to check out the second link!).

It's only gonna get worse folks. . . .

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

AP Files Lawsuit for Kerry Military Records


Looking forward to the day when Kerry releases all of his military records.

It likely won't happen before Election Day, and how many people really think the Associated Press will file a Kerry records lawsuit:

Pentagon officials said they discovered the documents released Tuesday while performing a more comprehensive search "out of an abundance of caution" in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by The Associated Press.

Our beloved "Mainstream" media. . . .

Stacked Deck

Can anyone begin to calculate the amount of money the "Mainstream" media is giving the Kerry campaign?

It's gonna be a rough two months.

Seat belts fastened?

O'Neill vs Kelley

Unfit for Command doesn't make the Gray Lady until she is dragged kicking and screaming to report.

However, Kitty Kelley's book is all the rage and evidently "All the News That's Fit to Print."

Is the National Enquirer being outdone by the "Mainstream" media?

Friday, September 03, 2004

Hearing Aids?

What did the media know, and when did they know it?

In 1997, [Clinton] was fitted with hearing aids.

Why is it that I think that the media knew, and didn't tell us?

Hmmm, need to research this to confirm I was just ignorant, but the media told us this.

Else, this is FDR all over again. . . .


Looks like The New York Times was on the job.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

This is News?



Check this out:

President Bush's boast of a 30-member-strong coalition in Iraq masked the reality that the United States is bearing the overwhelming share of costs, in lives and troop commitments. And in claiming to have routed most al-Qaida leaders, he did not mention that the big one got away.

. . .

He took some license in telling Americans that Democratic opponent John Kerry "is running on a platform of increasing taxes."

Kerry would, in fact, raise taxes on the richest 2 percent of Americans as part of a plan to keep the Bush tax cuts for everyone else and even cut some of them more. That's not exactly a tax-increase platform.

Another disingenuous whopper:

Kerry said in his convention speech, "Any attack will be met with a swift and certain response." But he also spoke of pre-emptive action in that address, saying a threat that is "real and imminent" is also a justification for war.

Here is what Kerry said:

As President, I will wage this war with the lessons I learned in war.  Before you go to battle, you have to be able to look a parent in the eye and truthfully say: "I tried everything possible to avoid sending your son or daughter into harm's way. But we had no choice. We had to protect the American people, fundamental American values from a threat that was real and imminent."  So lesson one, this is the only justification for going to war.

. . .

I defended this country as a young man and I will defend it as President.  Let there be no mistake:  I will never hesitate to use force when it is required.  Any attack will be met with a swift and certain response.

I can't remember in my few shorts years (chuckle, chuckle) where the media has been so arrogantly and shamelessly biased.

Not one word to tell the reader that this is an opinion, not news piece.

If nothing proves the media is biased, it is certainly they way they have gone over the edge given the realization that they are no longer the channel of information.

We are living through a moment of history from which there is no going back.

The Media Monopoly is over.

Ain't it Great!?

Update II:

You gotta love this.

Headline reads:

Bush Labors to Shift Focus of Election

Text is even more humorous:

An unpopular war and 1.1 million lost jobs is enough to kill a presidency, so President Bush tried Thursday night to make the election about something else: himself and his leadership style.

This (and the other article) reads like a blog. Not a very honest or good one at that.

This stuff is becoming laughable.