Monday, September 13, 2004

One Legged Races for Terrorists

While the US was recognizing the loss of thousands killed by terrorists three years ago this past Saturday, some friendly Swedes were frolicking with Palestinians in "peace games":

The participants will participate in the Peace Race and during the whole day there will be food, music and cultural activities. The progressive sports club Proletären FF organizes the peace race and the theme for the race is anti-imperialism and solidarity. For many years the race had its focus on boycotting South Africa. Now solidarity with Palestine and boycott Israel has been the theme for many, many years.

Brought to you by your freedom-loving sponsors:

The Sports Club Proletären FF has a very long experience of sports boycott. From the struggle against South Africa, Chile and Israel. . . . The clubs slogan is sports for everyone, international solidarity and anti-imperialism.

Hat Tip to Roger Simon for pointing out this "Dance of Death."