Saturday, September 25, 2004

APK (Associated Press for Kerry)

Bush Twists Kerry's Words on Iraq.

Now, after a beautiful night drive (what a moon!) to Tahoe last evening, I read this top headline under my "Political News from AP" SBC/Yahoo! home page.

Obviously the meaning of the word "News" has changed over at the AP.

They no longer even pretend to differentiate commentary from news. AP is probably the most egregious "news" service, although al-Reuters (Charles Johnson's favorite Reuters moniker) keeps the race close.

Some "news" samples for your enjoyment:

Bush attacked Kerry for calling "our alliance 'the alliance of the coerced and the bribed.'"

Only to say two paragraphs later:

Kerry did use the phrase to describe the U.S.-led coalition of nations in Iraq, in a March 2003 speech in California.

(Dizzy yet?)

But wait! Says the Associated Press for Kerry (APK) in the finest tradition of objective reporting of facts:

But Bush mischaracterized Kerry's criticism, which has not been aimed at the countries that have contributed a relatively small number of troops and resources, but at the administration for not gaining more participation from other nations.

As a member of the Great Unwashed, I'm so thankful for the APK for tutoring me on the nuances of Kerry's goals of minimizing the contributions of those who have died to fight the enemy in Iraq, not Peoria.

So, which is it?

Bush twisting Kerry's words, or the AP telling us Black is White, War is Peace, etc.

George Orwell, call your office.


Looks like the APK has been getting some heat from those calling them on their shameless bias.

Same link now takes the reader to an article with title: "Bush, Kerry Twisting Each Other's Words".

Of course, you have to read to Paragraph 15 of 20 to read:

That's not to say Kerry hasn't been playing fast and loose with Bush's words.

Then APK (writer Jennifer Loven) proceeds to list one example.

Looks as though she is earning two paychecks, one from the AP(K) and another from the Kerry campaign.

Only after heat does she add less than a handful of paragraphs to exhibit her "objectivity."

The Media Elite clearly think we silly wee folk are, well, stupid.


PowerLine has the goods on Jennifer Loven author of the "news" article discussed above.

What a nice couple. Ballentine is an open, above-ground supporter of the Kerry campaign; [wife] Loven promotes Kerry covertly by smearing President Bush on behalf of the Associated Press. And thousands of newspapers print AP articles on the naive assumption that they are factual and objective.

Complaints about AP articles should be sent to I'll be disappointed if our readers don't generate at least 10,000 emails on Loven's hit piece.