Wednesday, September 15, 2004

RatherGate and the Election

Are the forgeries impacting voters?

This letter to Andrew Sullivan is anecdotal:

I must say that this unspeakably disgusting behavior by CBS has now made my decision easy. I always thought the clear liberal bias at CBS (and others) was just a natural consequence of the way the liberal journalists dominating MSM see the world rather than a concerted effort to push a liberal agenda (the fish don’t feel the water theory, as others have put it). I now see how wrong I was. If CBS is willing to not only shred even the pretense of journalistic ethics, but to actually conspire to commit fraud (as I think the evidence of ignoring experts and standing behind such obvious forgeries shows) in a desperate attempt to throw a presidential election and install their candidate, then I must do everything I can to oppose them. This means becoming an active supporter of President Bush. I would never have imagined that would happen, but all I can say is thanks, CBS, for exposing yourself and clearing things up.

These reports are not anecdotal (Hat Tip: NRO Kerry Spot):

New Jersey:

Today: Bush 49, Kerry 45.
August 23: Kerry 49, Bush 39.


Today: Kerry 49, Bush 45 (statistical dead heat).
June 7: Kerry 52, Bush 39.

Probably too early to suggest there is a causal relationship to RatherGate, but interesting that two historical Democrat strongholds are now in play.

Or, is it simply Kerry is not exciting the Democrat base and they see him as a loser?