Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ohio Rivals California for Stupidist Senator

Voinovich should, in a just world, be laughed out of the Senate chambers to go back home and swim in Lake Erie.

Senator Clown doesn't show up for the hearings, expresses support for Bolton, then decides, after listening to the howls of John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Joe Biden or Chris Dodd, to stab Chairman Lugar, Secretary Rice and President Bush in the back and say, with a straight face:

"The passion on the other side on this, I don't think is political."

What a laugher.

This likely kills Bolton's nomination as UN Ambassador. At a time when we need grown-ups at the UN (let alone the US Senate -- to be clear, Chairman Lugar had better options as Rich Lowry reveals), Senator Clown seemingly decides we need Oprah Winfrey to be our UN Ambassador as Michelle Malkin rightly grumbles:

The New York Times account is up, with Voinovich making iggly remarks and prattling about his "conscience"--which didn't awaken until after he missed the two Bolton committee hearings last week.

Hey Senator, try showing up for your job every once in awhile. There is the trivial (which you were obviously pursuing), and the important.

Senator Clown, however, obviously believes the Oil For Food scandal is the trivial, and the UN is just fine and dandy the way it is and doesn't need plain speaking.

What an absolute, unadulterated ass.