Sunday, November 28, 2004


Often on the ride back to the Bay Area on Sunday nights, I listen to ESPN's Game Night (when I'm not listening to some of my favorite performing artists captured on the addictive Apple Music Store).

It can be fun, but I enjoy the replays from the weekend's events.

One feature is a mock trial where the "judge" asks three questions, and the hosts take a side and argue a point and three listener "jurors" vote on the issue on hand. An example from this past Summer: Should Jr. be an automatic inductee into Cooperstown since he has reached the 500 home run plateau?

Well, we are into the eleventh week of the NFL season, the college football season is reaching fever pitch with the continuing BCS saga and the NBA is in meltdown after the Rumble in Detroit.

One would have thought three questions from such a subject-rich week (especially on the gridiron) would be only too easy.

But only two sports questions were asked.

The third?

Who is the most overrated talk show host?

OK, so the lead-in was a mention that Dan Rather was leaving CBS, but guess who the two most overrated talk show hosts were to be argued in "court"?

Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh.

The sports guys who are political know nothings exhibited their high-school failing grades in English Literature by trying out such hyperbole as "Both make Ronald Reagan look like a Communist."

Such ignorance and shameless stupidity is yet another example of Blue Staters not quite understanding why so many watch O'Reilly or listen to Limbaugh. But, let them remain ignorant. A 2008 landslide will only be too fun to watch with further derangement on display.

Other off-the-cuff observations were: Hmmm, why did they choose two right-of-center talk show hosts?

Why not Al Franken, Jim Hightower or Aaron Brown?

Well, we all know the answer -- many may have read the previous sentence and asked: Who are they?

More people listen to conservative talkers than lefties.

Lastly, more ignorance was on display by pairing O'Reilly and Limbaugh.

The former wrote this piece defending Dan Rather.

Can you imagine Rush defending such a political hack posing as an objective journalist?


No, I'm not a fan of O'Reilly (and many in the Conservative orbit are not fans of his temper and self-indulgance, i.e. more interested in O'Reilly than furthering Conservative Causes).

Which makes the ESPN tirade all the more interesting. After all, even O'Reilly bristles when labeled Conservative.

In the end, I find him a bore.

ESPN light weights took a shot at Conservatism via a straw man. Nothing more.

If they continue, I'll be listening to more good music (I think Ella's site is much more pleasing to the eye).