Sunday, March 13, 2005

More Good News from Iraq and Afghanistan?

Chrenkoff has some interesting anecdotal data suggesting so.

Is the situation in Iraq getting better? It's not really up to me to answer that question, but I can try to answer another one: is reporting from Iraq getting better? To find out, I decided to look back at the past installments of this series and do a little count. For the sake of simplicity I started with Part 6, which happened to be the first one to be also published by the "Opinion Journal". . . . [T]hat July 19, 2004 edition of "Good news from Iraq" . . . contains links to 71 "good news" stories. Since then, the length of each installment has fluctuated, but the overall trend has been up. So much so that the "Good news from Iraq" you're reading now . . . contains 178 links to "good news stories."

The same trend in evident in my "Good news from Afghanistan". The first installment published by the "Opinion Journal" (and second overall in the series) of July 26, 2004, . . . contained 55 links. The latest one, number 10 of March 7, 2005, . . . contains 124 links.

Either there is more and more good news coming out of both Iraq or Afghanistan, or the reporters are getting increasingly optimistic about the situation there, or both. Whatever's the answer, it's good news.

Both Series have been excellent, and with help from Opinion Journal, the word definitely gets around.