Saturday, March 12, 2005

Italian Fiction Writer

Communist journalist (I won't call her a reporter) Giuliana Sgrena is being told to limit her fictional fantasies by the Italian Justice Minister.

This couldn't be more tragically comical, and infuriating.

Italy’s justice minister urged former hostage Giuliana Sgrena on Friday to stop making “careless” accusations after being shot by US forces in Baghdad, saying she had already caused enough grief.


The AP tries this headline on for size:

U.S. Only Partially Informed About Italian

Hilarious, especially reading the story itself:

While U.S authorities were informed of the presence of [Italian secret service agent Nicola] Calipari and a colleague, they did not know that the mission was aimed at freeing Giuliana Sgrena, a journalist who had been kidnapped in Baghdad on Feb. 4, Italian dailies La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera reported.

Sounds like a tragic Snafu to me. Nothing more, nothing less.

But, it must be W's fault.


The Italian ineptitude explanation is looking stronger.