Monday, March 07, 2005

The Layman vs Green Eye Shades

I've stirred the pot a bit with recent posts by Ann Althouse and Donald Luskin of Krugman Truth Squad National Review Online fame.

Ann asked over the weekend "But how does that help the solvency problem?"

I pointed her to Donald Luskin's article "Personal accounts and solvency" (which was reiterated today at National Review Online).

Today, Ann counters with "What's the short answer?"

Since I neither asked nor was given permission to make their emails to me public I will only say that they should take their debate public and charge admission.

The Layman vs Green Eye Shades.

Reality is Green Eye Shades must persuade The Layman.

Will The Layman buy Green Eye Shades' "LockBox!" argument?

The Layman is asking the right question: How do we fix solvency?

I think Green Eye Shades has the intuitively obvious answer: LockBox!

If John Doe has the key, Uncle Sam doesn't.