Monday, March 14, 2005

MilBlogs: 365 And a Wakeup

Blackfive notes the rise of the Military Blogs, or MilBlogs.

They are a great antidote to police blotter reporting from places like Iraq.

I received an email from a new Ranger Blogger in Iraq, 365 And a Wakeup.

Great, moving writing:

I did manage to catch another ethereal sunset on the walk to dinner. I’m not sure if the incandescence is caused by pollution or some aspect of the desert air, and to be honest I don’t care. Because just looking at the lustrous colors splashed on the horizon and glimmering off the burnished clouds takes me across the long miles to another sunset, on another day. A day where I held my wife closely and slowly watched the land slip into twilight.

For those who can hold their wives and children closely tonight, be thankful for those who make that possible, and possible in peace and freedom.