Monday, March 14, 2005

Iran Delaying Tactics

These are not dumb people.

One could argue the Europeans are engaged in lunacy believing Iran only wants to build power plants and not threaten Israel and London and Washington.

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iran's president said Monday that Tehran has given a set of proposals to three key European states involved in talks on Iran's nuclear program, which he stressed must be expanded to provide his country with more energy.

Mohammad Khatami's remarks came a day after Iranian officials described progress on nuclear talks with Europe as unsatisfactory and too slow, while Iran's chief negotiator warned it soon may walk away from the discussions.

Europe is seeking Iranian guarantees that it will not use its nuclear technology to build bombs, something which the United States claims Tehran is determined to do. But Iran says its nuclear program is aimed at producing energy.

And I'm the President of the United States. . . .

Another infuriating AP-ism:

Iran suspended uranium enrichment-related activities last year to create confidence in its negotiations and avoid U.N. Security Council referral for possible sanctions. Tehran says maintaining the voluntary freeze depends on progress in the talks with the Europeans.

Does AP have independent confirmation that Iran suspended their "uranium enrichment-related activities"?

"Iran claims to have suspended" would have been more accurate.

Does the AP have editors anymore?