Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Where is Katherine Harris?

OK, she is in Congress now, but it looks like she could help the State of Washington out of their voting fiasco.

Pretty incredible stuff, and even this Blue State is finding the stench a bit difficult to stomach.

It's all slipping away from the King County elections department, and you read about it here first, thanks to ace Sound Politics data-miner Stefan Sharkansky. The latest crushing revelation of institutional incompetence is the admission, reported to newspaper readers here in today's Seattle Times, that the department's Friday Jan. 7 estimate of 1,217 more gubernatorial votes than voters in King County was about 600 shy of the revised figure. Even then, county Elections Superintendent Bill Huennekens can only guess that the number of unnacounted for votes is "somewhere around 1,800."

Democrat Christine Gregoire's victory margin was 129 votes, and King County, of course, was where she "won" the election.

Gotta love the Blue State Math.

If Gregoire holds on, it will be an understatement to say she has no mandate.