Monday, January 10, 2005

Too Late

For any "restoration of CBS News' glory":

But the central explanation for how CBS went wrong seemed to be a case of a star producer overruling the better judgments of an entire series of top news executives. One senior CBS executive said many staff members seemed to be more afraid of Ms. Mapes than of Mr. Heyward, which could help undermine his position with the staff.

But the production staff member said the staff at CBS did not feel powerful enough to bring about change. "We have no juice," the staff member said. "We're a dying business, and this didn't help us. Some people feel like CBS News could be out of business in five years."

That is not a position Mr. Moonves agrees with. He said he intended to make the changes necessary to restore the network's glory.

It cannot be restored with circa 1950's technology, or more accurately, thinking.

If someone were really smart at Black Rock, they'd understand that there are many other means of communication (blogs being only one), and that TV news has its limitations -- it really is only interesting (to me at least) for live and real-time video of significant events, but even then (for example, tsunami), many of the videos now come from the internet.

I give the report a B-. The email snippets are great fodder (who really believes the errors were not motivated by political bias?), but for Dan Rather and CBS News President Heyward to skate is really unexcusable in the end.

But then again, they are simply skating into ignominious oblivion -- and five years is but a blink of an eye.

As it should be.


I agree with Charles the Great: Greywash it is.