Friday, December 31, 2004

LA Times Dissection

This isn't pretty.

If you have some time to enjoy the disinfectant being applied to blatant bias parading as objective reporting, this is a great read.

Just a couple of teasers:

On August 20, three days after the August 17 hit piece, the L.A. Times printed another blatant falsehood about the Vets, in a story titled "Kerry Starts Firing Back at Critics of War Record." The story contained this howler:

None of the men in the Swift boat group behind the anti-Kerry ad, including [Larry] Thurlow, served on Kerry's patrol boat during the war.

Anyone even slightly familiar with the Swift Vets should have known this was not true. Steven Gardner was a member of the group, and served on a patrol boat with Kerry longer than any of the men supporting him. This mistake was inexcusable.


[O]n the very same segment of Fox News Sunday, a Kerry supporter and a Swift Boat Vet both admitted that they lacked documentary proof to support their claims. But the L.A. Times mentioned only the admission by the Swift Boat Vet.

Oh, there's so much, much, very much more.

Remember, what the LA Times is really saying with all this mischief is: "You're Ignorant, and We're Gonna Keep You That Way," er, "We're Your Objective News Source -- Trust Us!"