Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Let the Games Begin!

Creative folks having fun with CBS.

The incomparable Scrappleface has a series of delicious reads here, here and here.


The report showed that Mr. Rather, and at least four colleagues, suffered from a condition called 'myopic zeal,' which is apparently terminal in four-out-of-five cases.

"Usually, the buck stops here," said Mr. Rather. "But in this case, the buck stopped over there. So, now I return to the seat of trust, behind the desk of integrity at CBS."

For you Sam Spade fans, check out IowaHawk's version.

It was a quiet cold Monday at Black Rock. Too quiet, I thought, slowly polishing the lens on my trusty Sony VC6809. New York is not the kind of town that likes to keep secrets, and my tingling senses told me that somewhere in Gotham somebody was spilling some beans. And in my line of work, you get to know deep down in your gut those beans have a habit of being silent - but deadly.

My name is Rather. And I'm a dick.

Lovin' it!