Friday, January 14, 2005

The Ongoing Battle

To remove faith from the public square.

Two examples, here and here.

When we have learned over and over again that only a change of heart changes people, we deny them that opportunity.

Partly a result of ignorant and non-thinking (Is that why they're ignorant? -- Ed. Probably) government bureaucrats, but it is also bureaucrats being browbeaten by activists who don't want certain viewpoints in the public square.

I don't want to argue about tactics, but if a message (and let's be clear that is the crux here) is not popular, I'm very uncomfortable when opponents resort to using the police to silence what some may deem unpopular views.

If a message cannot be shown to be wrong in a free exchange, but activists require the police power of the state to smother it, could it be because there is a kernel of truth they want to hide?


Then there is this ongoing silliness from one man here on the Left Coast.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of Carter and Clinton appointees (as well as others) who think it their life's mission to rewrite the Constitution with no input from the states or the people.