Saturday, November 06, 2004

Big Media Wrong Again

InstaPundit has a very interesting analysis of the theories behind W's re-election.

It ain't the Culture Stupid!

It was non-intuitive to me when I noted earlier that Big Media was making the claim that it was morals (yes, I'm still very interested in writing about cultural issues, but not for the reasons the LeftStream Media are propounding).

I can only surmise that Big Media are simply trying to explain what is to them the inexplicable -- how could W have been re-elected.

In the end I think it was both security and cultural (more descriptively general term than "moral" in my opinion) issues that led to W's re-election.

And, in some cases, I think you could argue that security is a cultural issue, i.e. the Patriot Act is an example of where Red State Americans find an acceptable and appropriate balance between liberty and security.

In the end, we will want to keep an eye on the Big Media and the perceptions they will try to create regarding the "real reasons" W was re-elected. None of them will be flattering to Conservatives nor Republicans, but will be self-serving self-denial.

That is good. Let them believe Red State Americans are stupid. Let them continue to underestimate W and his strategery.

Let them run Hillary in '08. Can't think of one state in the South she would win.