Thursday, November 04, 2004

Blue Wednesday

The Left seems to have gone into meltdown.

Here are some choice observations from NRO's Jay Nordlinger:

Yesterday in my "Introduction to Nursing" class my teacher put on a 30-minute video stating why we should vote for John Kerry and not George W. Bush. The teacher did say the video was biased, but not to the extent it really was. My teacher is a political activist, and feels compelled to make the rest of us activists, too. She did not say "Vote for Kerry," but the video said that for her. Can you imagine a teacher subjecting nursing students to a Republican propaganda video?

And this is simply priceless:

I thought I would share an inspiring moment I had today [Tuesday]. When I had finished filling out my ballot, I had to get in another line to give my ballot to the person who puts it in the scanner. Right in front of me, a woman was complaining that it took her an hour and 20 minutes to vote. Upon hearing this, a man in an Air Force uniform turned to her, smiled, and said, "That's all right — this is the most important thing I'll do today." He let his words sink in and then said, "At least I didn't have to walk three days to vote like some of the people in Afghanistan."

I often take God's gift of freedom and democracy for granted. Untold thousands or probably millions of people have died for freedom's sake. Many more have served in the military to spread and protect freedom. We need to let these people and their families know how much we appreciate their sacrifice. This conversation I overheard reminded me of that. May God continue to bless America.

And The Left wonders why they keep losing.

They simply don't Get It.