Monday, November 01, 2004

Election Eve Movies

Watching some good ones on Turner Classic Movies as I vote.

Sunrise at Campobello is the 1960 flick that irritated Republicans given its hagiographic nature -- especially at a time when the Democrats needed a boost. However, it's not about politics as much as about FDR's battle against polio. Wouldn't buy it, but not a bad movie.

Now, Abe Lincoln in Illinois is a treat. This 1940 classic features delightful performances by Raymond Massey as Lincoln and Gene Lockhart as Stephen Douglas. Mary Todd, what an intriguing historical character. Now, to find and read some good Lincoln biographies (my favorite President growing up).

Coming up?

Tennessee Johnson (I'm a Van Heflin fan).

The Gorgeous Hussy has a big name cast (Crawford, Taylor, Barrymore and a young James Stewart among even more).

Ah, back to voting.


Lincoln carries New York by 25,000 votes and wins the election!