Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Sour Left

David Adesnik notes how quiet the Left Side of the Blogosphere has been regarding Lebanon.

He pokes and digs, but doesn't find much from any of the better-known Lefties.

It's an enjoyable read in one sense (we won, and W is a visionary who gets the Freedom thing -- all of which drives the Left up trees howling), but sad from the perspective that one half of our nation [has a faction which] essentially lives for the day our nation fails (really they want W to fail, but their myopia constrains them from understanding that W is President of the United States, not just the Red States).

An obvious observation is deserved:

Now imagine if John Kerry were President today and the election had gone of well in Iraq, Mubarak promised elections and Syria was on the defensive in Lebanon. Wouldn't almost every liberal pundit talk about how getting rid of that noxious Bush fellow led to a sudden revitalization of reform and pro-American sentiment in the Middle East?


No, not the entire Blue States 50% wants our nation to fail, and have updated the above accordingly.