Saturday, March 05, 2005

McCain-Feingold Idiots

Much has been over the past couple of days regarding how McCain-Feingold could be used to throttle bloggers.

Best post I've read to date on this nonsense comes from Beldar.

But speaking just as one crusty old trial lawyer who also happens to write a blog with his bemused observations and occasional rants about politics, I'm damned sure not going to change my blogging style, nor start running disclaimers every time I blog about a political issue or a politician/candidate. It's business as usual at BeldarBlog.

If the F.E.C. wants to make me their test case — and a test case somewhere outside the Beltway may be appropriate, given the F.E.C.'s decision not to appeal Judge Kollar-Kotelly's district court ruling to the D.C. Circuit — I'll gladly waive personal service and/or arrest. I'll meet 'em at the courthouse steps with my pocket copy of the Constitution in one hand and my keyboard in the other. Here's my wrists, boys — cuff me if you dare.

That the McCain-Feingold pimps would be pushing this simply shows the power of blogs and the incumbent politician's innate horror of true free political speech.

Blessings upon Blessings, we now live in an age of electronic pamphleteers.

We should all tell Washington to stick to the Common Defence, and forget about regulating political speech.


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