Saturday, February 26, 2005

Vaccine Villians?

I can only be confused (OK, not really) by the Media's pit bull instincts against the evil pharmaceutical industry while continuously promoting vaccines.

Michelle Malkin suggests these "pushers" may be mindless as well.

This item caught my eye from my birth state of Ohio:

Medpundit calls the chickenpox vaccine, now mandatory for Ohio schoolchildren, "[t]he product that makes its own market."

This is interesting:

At first, it was a hard sell. For ages doctors have told parents not to even bother bringing a child into the office with chickenpox. It wasn't dangerous and bringing the child in would only expose others to the virus. . . .

As more and more children received vaccines, it became harder for an unvaccinated child to contract a natural case of chickenpox. (Before the vaccine, virtually everyone acquired immunity by the time they reached adulthood.) Chickenpox in adulthood is much more serious than it is in childhood. It is extremely debilitating in the adult. In a pregnant woman, it can be life-threatening for both her and her child. Now we have a situation in which it's much more likely that an unvaccinated child will grow to adulthood without ever having had the disease, and thus be at higher risk of death and debility. The solution? Vaccinate them. A solution that wouldn't have been necessary if the vaccine had never been widely adopted.

It's win-win for Merck. The product that makes its own market.

More evidence that Ohio Governor Taft is not that sharp.