Thursday, February 10, 2005

Real Journalist Murders

Not the imagined variety of CNN's Eason Jordan.

The Captain highlights the irony:

Gunmen killed an Iraqi journalist working for a U.S.-funded television station and his son as they left their home Wednesday in the southern city of Basra, an Iraqi official said.

You might expect Jordan and Cramer to jump all over this story, especially given both executives' connections to reporter-safety forums. However, even after three hours, the best that CNN can do is to take the AP's report and republish it on their site -- and they don't even give it unique coverage. They stack the report onto a much longer and almost completely unrelated article on the debate over "insurgency" strength levels in Iraq.

So much for Jordan's emotional concern over the well-being of reporters in Iraq. The only lesson that can be drawn from this coverage is that only reporters who work for organizations (or executives) that express hostility towards the West get any concern from Jordan, Cramer, and Co.