Saturday, January 15, 2005

Why I Don't Believe the Old Legacy Media (#98,765)


This will anger any sane person.

Who can forget the heart-rending video of the young Palestinian boy Mohammed al-Dura dying in the arms of his father after being shot by Israeli soldiers? Made by France 2, it became a symbol of Infiada II. For some time now, however, many people have cast doubt on the authenticity of this video. And now French TV [is] Allegedly Using Threats to Avert Fraud Probe. . . :

Independent media analysts in France and Israel have provided what they call conclusive evidence that the video of the incident was staged and at least one member of the French Assembly has called for an official investigation of the episode, but France 2 has so far refused to undertake a comprehensive inquiry.

France is braindead when it comes to its understanding and relationship with the Arabs and Jews -- the former are always innocent victims and the latter are murderers of innocent children -- See! We even have, er, fraudulent video to prove it!. The French Assembly mustered a whopping one member [At least one member! -- Ed. OK, probably two?] to demand an accounting?

Just what will the French say on the 60th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation on January 24?