Monday, January 17, 2005

Where's the Outrage?

Drudge reports a Roman Catholic Bishop has been kidnapped in Mosul, Iraq.

Will the media show the photographs of his treatment as they did Abu Graib? They have yet to do so when other victims (e.g. CARE's Margaret Hassoon) have been kidnapped and, alas, tortured, beheaded and disemboweled.

Clearly, this shows The Left and Old Legacy Media believe the West should be held to higher standards.

Why? Are The Left and Old Legacy Media suggesting Muslims cannot be expected to respect Western levels of decency?

Isn't this the soft-bigotry of low expectations?

Isn't this racism [But Islam is not a race! -- Ed. Agreed, but many on The Left group Islam with Arabs and they just don't see how Arabs will ever able to support, build and live in democracies -- is that racism?]?

We prosecute our war criminals in public, and we punish them according to our laws.

The Islamofascists cheer their murderers. I weep for peace-loving Muslims.

CAIR has their work cut out for them.