Saturday, January 15, 2005

Save Our Driver's License!

I've been delinquent in noting this important effort in maintaining at least some semblance of citizenship in California.

This is an issue that will not be going away -- no matter how much W would like it to.

It is a difficult issue for Republicans in that they need the Hispanic vote in many states, and the Democrats will shamelessly offer illegal immigrants anything and everything (starting with a vote).


More good work by the California Republican Assembly to show Secretary of State Shelley the door.

Nice summary by The Sacramento Bee:

Most recently and most damaging, documents obtained by The Sacramento Bee reveal that federal Help America Vote Act funds Shelley administered have been used for blatantly partisan political activities.

Shelley's office signed a $69,000 contract with a Los Angeles activist who reported to the secretary of state's office that he used HAVA funds to attend a "Take Back the White House" rally on behalf of the secretary of state, among other things. A politically connected Los Angeles minister reported using HAVA funds to attend an "NBA Wives Association Salute [to] Janet Jackson."

In the newest batch of documents obtained by The Bee, a Shelley staffer paid with HAVA funds reported he spent time keeping track of the people Shelley spoke to at a Sacramento fund-raiser for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry. Another HAVA-paid staffer reported attending a San Francisco fund-raiser for Assembly Democratic candidates and the Democratic Party.

The federal HAVA funds were appropriated by Congress primarily so states could buy new voting systems and train poll workers and voters. While Shelley was doling out funds to partisan political operatives, county voting officials complained that they were having a hard time prying HAVA funds out of Shelley to help them prepare for the 2004 elections. Shelley's office didn't even give counties an opportunity to apply for funds until July 16 - very late in the election cycle and in most cases too late to do any good. . . .

[Shelley] is so badly tainted by his own actions that the public cannot have confidence in his judgment. For the good of the state and of democracy, he should have the grace to resign. If he doesn't, the Legislature should take steps to restore the public's trust by doing for California what Shelley will not.

The heat is being turned up.