Monday, January 24, 2005

Terri Schiavo Death Sentence

Petterico highlights the deficiencies of getting all your news from the Legacy Media (sometimes quaintly called the Mainstream Media).

Terri's parents have argued that her husband is not a reliable witness to her wishes, because he suffers from many serious emotional and financial conflicts of interest:
He has lived with another woman for eight years, and has sired two children by that woman. His statement that his wife would want to die conveniently facilitates his ability to inherit what remains of a $750,000 trust fund, created pursuant to a judgment in his wife's medical malpractice case. Mr. Schiavo won that judgment by arguing to the jury that he wanted to rehabilitate his wife -- never mentioning that she supposedly did not want rehabilitation under these circumstances. Once the trust fund was set up, Mr. Schiavo quickly refused to pay for the rehabilitation.

. . . .

Ms. Schiavo's parents obtained several affidavits attacking the credibility of Mr. Schiavo's claims regarding his wife's wishes. For example, a former co-worker of Mr. Schiavo's executed an affidavit saying that he had repeatedly confided in her that he had no idea what Ms. Schiavo would have wanted. Also, a registered nurse executed an affidavit saying that Mr. Schiavo often said things like: "When is that bitch gonna die?" -- and would talk about all the things he was going to buy, and trips that he would take, once his wife finally died.

None of this makes it into today's article. Of course, the editors would argue in their defense that they intended to devote only about 50 words to the parents' side of the litigation. Well, the paper could have communicated the essence of what I just told you in 50 words or less, very easily:

Her parents, Robert and Mary Schindler, strongly opposed the removal of Ms. Schiavo's feeding tube. They argued that Mr. Schiavo seeks to speed his wife's death for financial reasons, and so he could marry a woman with whom he has lived for over eight years and sired two children.

It's not surprising that the L.A. Times would fail to report these facts. After all, the paper has failed to report them before.

As you may have heard, Terri's parents (and the state of Florida) lost their appeal to the US Supreme Court (and, yes, note what is not reported in this AP piece just as it was left out of the LA Times story as Patterico notes above).

Another example of a broken justice system overwhelmed by the cult of death.