Saturday, January 22, 2005

Are you Biased?

This is very interesting (thanks to Wizbang!).

My first choice was the "Judaism-Other Religions IAT" (Implicit Association Test).

My result: "Your data suggest a slight automatic preference for Judaism relative to Other Religions."

This test measures implicit anti-Semitism, a tendency to associate Jews or Judaism with negative concepts more so than other social groups and religions. Anti-Semitism is widely believed to have declined in the last century, but nevertheless still exists, and may now exist more in implicit than overt form. This test uses symbols associated with Judaism, and contrasts them with combined symbols of several other religions. This design was intended to create a more general test than one that contrasted Judaic symbols with those of just a single other religion.

I think everyone in Europe (especially Western Europe, oh, say, France, Germany, the Royal Family) should take this test. Those results would be very interesting.

There are several other tests testing your biases.

Check it out.


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