Monday, November 15, 2004

War is Hell

Thanks to Donald Sensing for this update.

There is no negotiating or surrender for those guys. If we see the position and positively ID them as bad guys, we strike. When they run, we call it maneuver and we strike them too. Why? Yesterday the muj attacked an ambulance carrying our wounded. The attackers were hunted down and killed without quarter. These guys want to be martyrs.....we're helping.

Now the Big Media are hyperventilating over this, but Charles Johnson at LGF provides some context.

I don’t know the full story yet, but the mujahideen are well-known for fighting until martyrdom, blowing themselves up, hiding weapons, and treachery, and I am extremely skeptical of this report.

If a soldier violated standing orders, he will be punished, but the Big Media rarely provide the context Charles provides in one sentence.

I'm sure tomorrow morning perky Katie will be frowning with indignation from her comfy Manhatten perch on how awful our soldiers are.

Monday Morning Quarterbacks disgust me -- judging those who never know if the next "dead" body will blow up as they walk by.

I'm sure we will be hearing about this episode for weeks from our Enlightened Blue Staters. . . .