Saturday, October 02, 2004

War: Then and Now

Our tax dollars wisely spent: History at our fingertips.

Fascinating photographs from the last War today's American Left thought justified (they just cannot wrap their minds around the fact that the actions of Stalin, and Marx's other descendents, are in the same League of Evil with Hitler).

Be advised, some photos are not for the faint of heart.

(Hat Tip: Lileks' Bleat -- also with a great read on the debate.)

Not to be too pedantic, but why does today's American Left expend so much brain power rationalizing the actions of Islamofascists today?

There was no analogous hand-wringing post-12/7 as there has been post-9/11.

Why do people to this day refer to 9/11 as a tragedy?

It was and is not "The Tragedy of Pearl Harbor," but rather "The Attack on Pearl Harbor" (then again, I haven't looked at a recent high-school history book -- do I dare? -- yes, I must soon).

This election will be close because there are many (alas, like Kerry) who believe we are not at war, the most notorious of which are the Michael Moore grassy knoll types who think it must have been America's fault (probably even Karl Rove's).

Can Kerry fool the American Public? Yes, but only once. Our Republic can withstand those who don't listen to Americans.

Carter didn't, and we booted him for Reagan.

Clinton was much smarter, and we let him hang around for another term -- after all, the economy was great and Terror only happened in Israel [What about the '93 WTC bombing? -- Ed. I remember at the time thinking, ah, just a fluke, Jo Schmo could do that -- as we learned all too well with OKC in '95 -- and No, that doesn't excuse what Clinton didn't do, but he was smart enough -- too clever by half is perhaps the better description -- to hide the dangers that were growing in the 90's].

But, mistakes now have a much higher cost.