Thursday, May 27, 2004

An Article to Treasure

Thanks to Peter Robinson of National Review Online.

This is a deeply moving article of Hope and ultimately, Faith.

As it turned out, the precipitating event was the 1995 broadcast of a British documentary on Chinese orphanages. Called The Dying Rooms, it shows orphanages full of infant girls, where a crude Darwinianism dictates that the less hardy -- or the less delightful -- will be left to die of neglect. I attended a screening at the Foreign Correspondents Club here in Hong Kong. My wife refused to see it. Her response was more to the heart. "We can't change things in China," she whispered to me that night. "But maybe we could change things for one little girl." . . .

I am sure Gracie in that one day had more physical interaction than she had had in her whole tiny life. In the orphanage, which we later visited, the children lay on their backs, three to a crib, craving human warmth and attention. That first night, when we put Gracie to bed in a makeshift cot, she lifted up her head and cried like a wounded animal. She was checking to see if we were still there.

A piece that must be read in its entirety.