Thursday, May 20, 2004

There is No Moral Equivalence

Garry Kasparov (yes, Garry Chess Kasparov) speaking plainly and clearly.

We need the White House talking like this more often.

The Bush Administration has been uncharacteristically confused in their handling of the Iraqi prison revelations.

The world is watching and wondering: Will America repeat its indecisive Vietnam ways, or finish business in Iraq and leave Iraqis stability and freedom as well as deliver a clear signal to rogue nations that harboring terrorists will not be tolerated.

Straight Talk Money Quote:

In this fight the enemy does not play by our rules, or by any rules at all. WMD will be in terrorist hands eventually; conventional wisdom recognizes this reality. Concessions and negotiations at best only delay catastrophe. Europe and its people are in this war whether they acknowledge it or not. Those who would appease terrorists must realize that by pretending that this battle does not exist, they will soon have blood on their hands--both real and metaphorical.