Thursday, October 07, 2004

Why Does This Guy Have a Job?

PowerLine's John Hinderaker (aka Hindrocket) fisks AP writer Scott Lindlaw (author of this article mentioned briefly below) and is devastatingly on target.

What is mind boggling is that such bias and fabrication is permitted to be published as news by the AP.

Hindrocket notes the lame history of this "news" reporter.

It is hard to read past this mind-numbing first sentence:

Scott Lindlaw is an Associated Press reporter who has told fellow members of the White House press corps that his "mission is to see that George Bush is not re-elected." He is the reporter who wrote falsely that a Republican crowd at a Bush rally in West Allis, Wisconsin, booed the news of President Clinton's hospitalization, and "Bush did nothing to stop them." The story was a complete fabrication, later retracted by the AP, but the AP has never responded to our many emails on the subject, and to our knowledge Scott Lindlaw has never been disciplined in any way for filing a false story.

It's hard to believe anything Lindlaw spouts, and Hindrocket takes him to the woodshed.

Appropriately so, but where are Lindlaw's bosses?

This is not news writing.

The Left needs a dictionary with two words: News and Commentary.