Thursday, October 21, 2004

Iran Shudders at the Thought

Of a showdown with the UN.

Iran is unlikely to accept European incentives aimed at getting it to suspend uranium enrichment, diplomats said Thursday, raising the prospect of a showdown next month between Tehran and the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency.

Roger Simon sums up the gathering storm nicely:

This will be a big challenge for whoever is our next President, probably the biggest of all since the Iranians are already claiming to have missiles capable of reaching Southern Europe and Tel Aviv. There is some debate whether these missiles are operational, but that is small beer, as they say. They soon will be. All these technologies, nuclear and rocket, are decades old. Logically speaking, the Iranians should have them already... if not now, in the nearly now.

I'm sure Kerry will tell us that any pre-emptive action against Iran would be the "wrong war, wrong place" -- Ugh, can't even write "wrong time."

Kerry's "right time" will be after Tel Aviv is glowing.

Sorry, a bit down thinking of a Kerry Presidency and his Plan to dance with the UN while Iran plays outside.

People who take as an article of their faith acts of martyrdom have no fear.

At least a Soviet leader wanted to live and enjoy his vodka.