Monday, August 25, 2003

Green is Good

No, not talking about money, just the color.

You know, green grass, pine trees, oak trees, meadows loving the snowmelt.

It's hot and dry in Tahoe right now. We'll see if we dodge major fires this season, but brown is not brown. Just golden.

And we live in the Golden State, but we're also broke.

Many want to save this grand state, but can we in an age of political correctness? If candidates for governor are smeared for supporting Prop 187, is there really hope for California? One can wonder, and one can even wonder without being a racist.

Why has our political discourse devolved to the point where arguing that people should follow the law (and those who enter our country illegally should be held accountable for their actions) is labeled racism?

Can we survive such rank emotionalism and political gangsterism?

I just don't want my daughter to be saddled with a tax liability that will force her to work as well as her husband.

There's always Nevada I guess. . . .